Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ten weeks to Christmas pledge

Monday marks 10 weeks until Christmas Eve and the guys over at Where Are My Knees? have set up a ten week pledge with the chance of winning two pairs of new Zaggora Hotpants (2.0).

The Where Are My Knees team have all pledged one thing they want to do in the 10 weeks but I want to pledge a few things to help me stay on track before the turkey with all the trimmings, roast potatoes, mince pies and Christmas pudding are put on my plate.

I lose seven pounds. I put on between two and three pounds because of my indulgent week last week for my boyfriend's birthday. I've set my goal at half a stone to get off the weight I have put on and the five-six pounds I already wanted to lose in time for Christmas. I think seven pounds in ten weeks is a healthy goal, I would ultimately like to drop down to 8 and a half stone (119lbs) but that would mean losing more than a stone (14lbs) and my weight loss has slowed down recently, so I don't want to set  myself a unachievable goal.

I exercise three times a week minimum, any extra is an added bonus. I need to up my exercise, I'm not doing anywhere near the amount I was before I went on my summer holiday. I've been doing a bit of yoga and horse riding but I really need to up the ante if I want to lose more weight before the holidays.

I pledge...think of, find and blog healthier versions of Christmas treats. No one wants to feel left out over the festive period, least of all me. I love the food you get over the holidays but unfortunately it is often laden with calories, fat and sugar, all of which do not equal looking sexy in a little dress at a Christmas party. I always try and eat the best I can up until Christmas Eve and then have the week off until New Years Day and get back on it on January 2, but this year I want to enjoy the season in an even healthier way. I will probably still have that week off but in the 10 weeks running up to Christmas I want to eat well and enjoy festive treats that won't make my waistline bulge.


  1. Hi - I'm a new reader and just wanted to say how amazing your achievements are - congrats!

    Love your goals, especially about being healthier even during the season of indulgence!


  2. Good luck with your challenge! They're great tasks to gear you up for a healthy holiday season!

  3. Good luck with your pledge, I think 7lbs is good and realistic amount tbh. I'll be intrigued to see your recipes for christmas treats that you come up with, make sure you share them with us! I have also gone for an exercise challenege for my pledge too. S xx

  4. Good luck with the pledge!! You can definitely do it, your eating is so good from what we see on the wiaw posts!

    And I love the where are your knees blog too! xx

  5. Good luck with the pledge!:) Thank you for converting the stones to pounds for Americans like me who can't figure it out on their own.:) You have done awesome!

  6. Replies
    1. I know! I can't believe it! Can't wait to get them on and start working out! x


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