Monday, 28 April 2014

Just one of those days #foodbloggerfail

I had a total food blogger fail yesterday. It was just one of the those days.

I'd gone to the supermarket on Saturday to do our weekly shop and to get the ingredients I need to re-make the delicious chocolate buckwheat banana pancakes I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, so I could share the recipe with you.

But things didn't turn out as planned.

I realised late on Saturday night that I'd left my camera charger at work, as I often take photos for the paper I write for. But I figured I'd have enough charge on my camera because I hadn't used it for a few days. #Rookiemistake!

When I finally  got  crawled out of my bed, as weekends are Nikki catches up on sleep time, I checked my camera - flat as the pancakes I wanted to photograph.

Then the morning light was fading - not that it was great to start with as it has been seriously foggy here for the last few days - and I would have had to go to work, get my charger and then charge my camera for at least an hour.

I felt bad making James wait that long for breakfast, especially as he'd got up an hour before me, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to do some recipe experimentation and leave the pancakes for another day.

I decided to make some waffles with the waffle maker James' mum had bought us as an engagement present.

But yesterday was obviously not my day as the batter didn't hold and the waffles split in half when I opened the iron, so half was stuck on top and half on the bottom. t

There's been a lot going on behind scenes in The Road to Less Cake kitchen, I've got lots of recipes to share with you, but I've been struggling to find the time to shoot my creations to share the recipes. The chocolate buckwheat pancakes are first on the list, but I'm away visiting my family next week. But they will with you soon.

In the end yesterday I just gave up and put some crumpets in the toaster. Luckily, I didn't burn them.

After about an hour and a half, and approaching midday, we finally had breakfast.

Does anyone else have days like these?


  1. I think we all have these "behind the scenes" fails as bloggers! I'm definitely a novice cook and have had a fair few cooking disasters - the most memorable being my attempt at two ingredient banana and egg pancakes, the picture looked lovely while mine looked like scrambled egg! x

  2. Sometimes I definitely get tired of photographing my food. Sometimes you just want to eat!! And now! ;)


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